What does “bespoke” mean?

“Bespoke” is an old English term referring to an item of clothing made to a certain individual’s specifications. BDJ’s bespoke jeans are just that. Your measurements, your personal pattern, your design choices. This is what makes Blue Delta Jeans a special, one of a kind product.

Getting Measured

How do I get measured?

Blue Delta offers four different ways you can get measured for your bespoke jeans:

  • Blue Delta Studios – BDJ has a storefront on the Square of Oxford, Mississippi. This is our original store where it all began!
  • Trusted Tailors – BDJ works with tailors all across the United States and internationally in Toronto, Canada, and London, England. If you can’t make it to us, we can send someone to you.
  • Trunk Shows – Bring BDJ to you! All of our fabrics, all of our options -just tell us where!
  • Corporate Packages – Make BDJ the highlight of your corporate event. We come to you and measure your employees and clients for bespoke jeans.

What if I can’t get measured in person?

We are happy to offer our Fit Match service for clients who are unable to be measured by a BDJ tailor. Through the Fit Match program, we are able to duplicate the measurements of your favorite pair of jeans using our fabrics and threads. For more information about Fit Match, please visit our Buy page

What is the measuring process?

Blue Delta Jeans are a bespoke product. We take up to 16 measurements and hand draft patterns for every client. This personal touch allows us to make a jean that fits you!

How long does it take to get my bespoke jeans?

We strive to make sure clients receive their jeans in a few weeks.

What customization options does Blue Delta offer for bespoke jeans?

Rivets, belt loops, custom pocket bags, monograms, you name it! Please let us know about any customization options you may be interested in.


What is raw denim?

Raw denim is real denim. Denim came to popularity in the late-19th century in the United States, and was a fabric for hard work. Miners, cowboys, surveyors all wore denim because of its toughness. In modern times, most denim you buy is not raw, instead it is washed and artificially distressed to create a worn look.   Blue Delta’s raw denim is a throwback to the old days – a strong, durable fabric that is made to last and ready to go with you on any adventure.

What is Holland & Sherry?

Holland & Sherry is an Italian fabric, widely regarded as one of the premier fabrics of the world. Used worldwide as a fabric for tailored garments, we use Holland & Sherry to make our bespoke jeans. We carry 24 colors of Holland & Sherry and would be happy to send you a swatch! Please contact us to receive a sample!

Where does Blue Delta get fabric from?

We source fabrics from the premium mills of the world. Our denim is grown and milled in the USA, and our Holland & Sherry fabrics are grown and milled in Italy.

Does Blue Delta sell selvedge denim?

Yes, we do! If you are interested in selvedge denim, please reach out to us!

What is a thread theory?

The thread theory is the personality you give your jeans. We can put up to three different colors of thread on a single jean. Please visit our jean builder at bluedeltajeans.com to design your new jeans.

Clean and Care For Your Jeans

How do I care for raw denim?

Blue Delta Jeans are dry clean only! Raw denim’s worst enemy is water and heat, so please be sure to let your dry cleaner know that your jeans are raw denim and require a no moisture cleaning. We recommend using Lapels Dry Cleaning, a nationwide company whose GreenEarth Cleaning process is perfect for your Blue Delta Jeans. Read more about the GreenEarth process!

How often should I dry-clean my Blue Delta Jeans?

Jeans should be dry cleaned as often as you might dry clean a suit or a coat. Depending on frequency of wear, one to two times per year.

What is the deal with people soaking raw denim in a bathtub or keeping them in the freezer?

As you learn more about raw denim, you will discover some interesting ways to clean and care for your jeans to achieve different fades. Some work well while others can damage your jean. Here is a good article to get you started if you choose to venture beyond the recommended dry cleaning method.

How do I break in raw denim jeans?

Raw denim breaks in like real leather! Work in it, play in it, live your life. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes.

Will my raw denim jeans lose color over time?

Raw denim will lose some of its dye the more you wear it. This is called “fading,” and it allows your jeans to develop fade lines that are personal to you.

What happens if I wash raw denim in the washing machine?

Washing your raw denim jeans in the washing machine is highly discouraged. Raw denim can and will shrink and be damaged by a normal washing machine, so please dry clean your jeans should they need any care!

Is Holland & Sherry dry clean only?

Yes, Holland & Sherry is dry clean only as well! Like all of our jeans, home washing will shrink a Holland & Sherry pant.


What happens if my jeans need alteration?

Blue Delta offers lifetime repairs and alterations for our bespoke jean clients. Simply print a copy of our Alteration Form and return your jeans to us!

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