5 Reasons You Need $450 Blue Jeans from Mississippi.

Garden and Gun Magazine’s prestigious “Made in the South” award winner and the official jeans of the U.S. Ryder Cup team, the Blue Delta Jeans fanbase is expanding beyond the south. 

This small, custom-tailored blue jean company from Tupelo, Mississippi is on the national radar for making the best pair of blue jeans in the world - and you don’t have to be one of their many professional athlete or celebrity fans to have a pair of your own. Sure, Blue Delta is the hot corporate gift and coveted courtside status symbol, but what’s the big deal about finally getting custom fit for quality blue jeans?

One. They fit only you.

Blue Delta Jeans aren’t off the rack. They don't have a warehouse of pants they need to move. And they don’t get you “close” to a shape, style or size other brands think you should be. Instead, they start with you. Your raw denim jeans don’t exist until you’re measured and they’re custom built. That’s why they say “One-Size-Fits-One” because they take everything they make one pair at a time, one body at a time, one style preference at a time. It’s THE reason they fit so well, feel so great, and make you wonder why you waited so long.

Two. They’re American Made.

Blue Delta is born and bred in Tupelo, Mississippi. Their team of expert tailors and seamstresses has over 100 years of jean-making experience, so your individual pattern and comfort is in the most capable hands. When you buy Blue Delta, you’re reinvesting in American workers and American quality. That’s a feeling you don’t get from many other jean brands.

They’re handcrafted from the finest materials and your specific choices.

Blue Delta knows quality down to every last detail. From American-made raw denim to durable outdoor fabrics, each pair starts with the best and ends with the best. Choose from dozens of fabrics, the color thread, cut and style.

The process is simple, easy and reorders are a snap.

Blue Delta might have one store on the square in Oxford, MS just 1 mile from the famous Grove, but thanks to really smart technology and an undying commitment to customer service, you can get custom fit from anywhere in the world. Just answer a few simple questions and they’ll use over 50 million data points to capture your precise measurements. Then,  they’ll keep your individual pattern on file to create your first and future pairs of jeans.

Five. They’re durable, built to last, and they age to perfection.

Like scotch or leather, Blue Delta Jeans get better with age. Since they are constructed by experts and made from the finest raw denim, these jeans last - that’s why they won’t be your last. So fair warning, like most Blue Delta wearers, your collection will grow.