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Grown and milled here

Every Blue Delta Jean is made using premium raw denim, most of which is grown and milled here in the United States. We also source fabrics from other highly regarded denim mills located in Italy and Japan. With a wide variety of weights, colors, and materials, we have the perfect raw denim fabric for everyone.

Raw Denim

Raw denim is real denim. Denim came to popularity in the late-19th century in the United States, and was a fabric for hard work. Miners and cowboys all wore denim because of its toughness. In modern times, most denim you buy is not raw, instead it is washed and artificially distressed to create a worn look. Blue Delta’s raw denim is a throwback to the old days – a strong, durable fabric that is made to last and ready to go with you on any adventure.

Unlike artificially distressed, off-the-shelf jeans, raw denim jeans will fit to your body over time. Raw denim breaks in like real leather! Work in it, play in it, live your life. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes.

denim weights

The weight of any given fabric will play a large role in the way it feels, wears, and breaks in. A heavy weight jean will be stiff, starchy, and durable, but will require a lot of wear to break in to its optimal feel. A lightweight denim will be soft and comfortable from the very first wear.

With fabrics between 8 oz and 12 oz we have weights to suit every need.

holland & sherry

BDJ also carries Holland & Sherry. Made from an Italian cotton, Holland & Sherry is widely regarded as one of the premier fabrics in the world for tailored clothing. We are proud to carry 24 colors of this fabric. Lightweight, soft, and breathable from the first wear, this is the ultimate pant if you are looking for something a little different than raw denim. Many of our customers make Holland & Sherry their exclusive pant for the golf course and other non-denim events.