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American raw denim

In 2011 Josh West and Nick Weaver purchased a long-forsaken garment operation and moved it to the hills of Mississippi with the intent on making the best Bespoke Denim in America. They still hold true to that mission today. Learn more about the company’s roots and all of people who help make Blue Delta special.

our denim

The quality of the jeans begins with quality denim and we use the best denim in the world.

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the family

We don't have clients, we have family. Meet some of the people that make American made denim possible.

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Wearable Blues in the Delta

Mississippi could be the answer to your search for that perfect pair of blue jeans. Josh West wrote the business plan for Blue Delta Jean Co. on a napkin over dinner in Tupelo in 2009. He was catching up with a high school buddy, Nick Weaver, from South Pontotoc High School.